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(How to venture in Charcoal Business Generating Steady Income Weekly)
Dear readers, here is another amazing discovery on charcoal business that you might find interesting. I am sure if you read this article you should be thanking me for giving you long awaiting money spinning machine that unfolds opportunities for you to tap into.
Firstly, I know most of you would want to ask question like how can I make it big in charcoal business? Who really needs charcoal or is it profitable?  Once again after you must have read this, I can assure you that all the questions troubling your mind must have been answered.
Furthermore, in a country like Nigeria where most people venture in various kind of business both home based or either. The most important thing is that each and every plant or firm really needs resources to keep the business running. For a manufacturing firm, there is higher tendency to make use of electricity to keep the plant machineries working and sometimes, fuel could serve as an alternative. This is applicable to all the industries we have be it; food processing, insurance, banking and finance, communication and so on.
The pivotal point here is all these sectors need a measure of catalyst to get them functioning properly and effectively. Domestic cooking as a case study, we often makes use of gas, kerosene, electricity and coal. But the truth is that some households and food vendors prefer using charcoal to others, probably as a result of been cost effectively cheap, less hazardous and very fast in cooking. This is why I have come with this latest discovery on how to venture in charcoal business since it seems valuable to our household and business outfit. For anyone willing to invest in this niche, it is advisable that they those that specializes in that industry and subsequently making follow up.
Venturing in this business can operate at two dimension as regards domestication and public purposes i.e. business consumption. It is either you buy in bulk from the source or probably by making contact with a person who often visit the bush to help or aid in the supply of supply of charcoal in whatever quantity you are capable of buying. Though buying it from a merchant could be costly than getting directly from the source i.e. dealers of charcoal in the bush. Moreover, it is possible to make profit of N200-N300 per bag for example, I buy at a sum of N1250 per bag from a merchant, I could as well sell it for N1500 per bag, and which invariably you can sell fifty bags per week, which can give you a profit of N14000-N15000. For the success of this business, you need to recognize your target market and know how to reach them so as to enjoy their patronage. One can use the food vendors in you locality as your target because it easier for them to use charcoal daily to prepare their food due to the fact it is easier and cheap.
Subsequently, for a starter, it is advisable to introduce yourself personally to them and letting them know what you deal in and promising them of constant or regular supply.
This could be enhanced either by exchanging phone numbers, address, and so on. Following this step by step procedure you are on the verge of making it big. From that small business you might have built with your capital base. You can now go to the forest to buy the product directly from the producer. This enables you to make at least to make N500-N600 per bag.
Charcoal business seems lucrative even though many people prefer a white collar job, but nevertheless is a very good business, the demand is very huge.
Buying directly from the producer in the bush gives you a wider profit margin, but mind you, your suppliers will not sell to you unless you buy a minimum of one truck load which contains 130 bags. You can buy charcoal in bulk at Inako, Ogun-State and at Iseyin, Oyo-State. Then in the nearest future you can begin the export of charcoal to neighbouring countries and so on.
I strongly believe and hope that if you follow these simple and tested procedures, you are on your way of becoming financially free.
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I wish you best of luck.

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