Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Commercial Real Estate Sales and Leasing

Commercial Real Estate Sales and Leasing

(How Signboards Drive Territory Domination Faster)

By A. Hamid Adeniyi Otule


The aims and objectives of this articles is to enlighten our readers more about how to use signboards to drive territory domination quickly in the fastest growing business in the world of investing.
Without deviating from my set of principles, aims and objectives of writing; I like to once again appeal to our esteemed readers on my commitments towards contributing positively to the development and advancement in our quest for a peaceful and healthy environment. We are committed towards contributing socially, educationally, morally, spiritually, politically, and exploding the myth we need to earn a high income so as to be financially free
Incase you are not aware that the number of property sale and number of boards and the changes that occur have to be tracked.
The implication of bill boards or sign boards in your territory shows your position or ranking in market share as a real estate agent in the local area, the time on market of the properties for sale or lease.
I want to assure that all these numbers have track records for those who desire or care to know where their real estate is heading to.
Following these numbers, there are also essential information such as:
  • the count of the number of internet advertisements for properties that are for sale or for lease, and
  • the count of the number of property advertisements that appear in the local paper
Tracking signboards will also help you monitor properties that are not marketable.
Properties that are for sale or for lease by owner will also be found and they will be a source of potential listing stock for potential investors.
Nevertheless, all of these assessing and monitoring gives you a better awareness of just what is going on in the market. When it comes to presenting or pitching your services to property owners, These numbers can and should be tracked monthly on a graph to give you trends on which to adjust your marketing of property and your real estate business.
The whole process puts you closer to your market and helps you understand exactly who your competitors are and what market share they hold. Without this information, am telling now that you cannot respond to the pressures of change.
Furthermore, as time progresses and with the impact of the internet in real estate sales and marketing, the bias of marketing campaigns is heading towards internet solutions and away from hard copy newspaper media. This is both for cost and coverage.
In conclusion, being able to manage the numbers in your local area it makes it becomes very easy for you to sell your vendor paid advertising packages. Facts and figures cannot easily be disputed by the client and it shows them that you really are on top of your game.
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