Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Gsm Voucher Printing and Marketing

(A guide on how to distribute and market recharge cards)
By A. Hamid Adeniyi Otule

The Aims and Objectives of this writing is to expose to you our esteemed readers one of the most possible, tested and confirmed way of making money for as high as you can ever imagine while venturing on how to print and sell recharge card….
Firstly, Mobile phone popularly known as GSM, the recharge printing business is profitable; according to a survey more than 40 million Nigerians recharge their phones daily. You can tap into this opportunity no matter your level of finance; all it takes is dedication, good financial planning and strategic thinking.
Let me ask this question, how do I go about it?
Before starting this business, you need to have the following:
A computer {Desktop or Laptop}, Printer {Black and white}, Internet connection {Optional}
Here is a procedure that will help guide you:
Visit a printer and explain that you need a designed paper A4 that will carry the operator logo i.e Zain, Glo, Mtn, etc. What you tell the printer is that you want one Impression {1000copies} of each operator with the logo and colour on it.
Mind you, a sheet of A4 paper can have at least 10 vouchers on it; this means that you will have 10,000 pieces of voucher per operator. The paper will be serving as the template where the pin of the voucher will be printed on.
Once you have done this, purchase pin codes from dealers and print on the pre designed paper. It should be noted that the smaller denomination i.e. N100 and N200 sells faster than the bigger denomination, so it only makes business sense to concentrate on these denomination.
At this junction, the most important setback for most people is:
How to market and distribute it?
The success of recharge voucher business is not in the ability to print. The major challenge is building the right structure and strategies to market, advertise and distribute.
There are many ways to give exposure to your business and ultimately increase your profit.
Use Credit/Free Approach: It’s been proven that the best way to get your product or services in the hands of customers is by giving it out for free.
The majour challenge with this approach as it relates to voucher printing and distribution is that it’s impossible but it can also be modify to suit this purpose.
The most inevitable approach is the credit approach. It can be applied in the market by giving out your product at the cost price and letting your customer hold on to your profit till the next supply. The effect of this is that an average individual will like to always buy on credit, sell, make money and pay back at a later date.
Be careful using this approach and do not give room for customer holding on to your money longer than agreed.
Using the Convenience Approach: The normal practice is for the call centre operators to visit the distributors and buy but as a new entrance to the market, you need to reverse this.
Visit the road side dealers and sell, this will ultimately eliminate competition.
Lastly, using the Mix Grill Approach is also preferable: As a dealer at the lower wrung of the ladder, the profit on a voucher is low because you are not selling to the end user. The mix grill approach is a situation in which use sell to both road side dealers and the end user. This will improve your profit. You can also set up call centers in strategic locations.
More ways can to penetrate the market can be worked on depending on your level of ingenuity and day to day experience on the business.
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I wish you best of luck.

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